Prequalification Worksheet


1. Are you wanting to purchase or refinance a home?
2. Will this loan be in your name only or with another individual?
3. Do you currently rent, live with a relative, or own your home?
4. What was the move in date?
5. Do you rent an apartment or a home?
6. Do you pay your rent with cash, check or money order?
7. Do you keep copies of the cancelled checks or money orders?
8. Have you ever been over 30 days delinquent with rent payment?
9. Are you aware of any credit problems that you may have?
10. If yes, what are those credit problems?
11. Did those credit problems occur within the last 24 months?
12. Have you ever owned a home before?
13. If yes, have you ever been over 30 days past due with any of the mortgage payments?
14. Have you ever filed for bankruptcy?
15. If yes, what chapter? What month and year was it discharged?
16. Have you ever had a foreclosure?
17. If yes what month and year?
18. Have you ever had an automobile repossessed?
19. Do you currently have an automobile loan?
20. If yes, have you ever been over 30 days past due with any of the automobile payments?
21. Do you currently have any credit cards?
22. If yes, have you ever been 30 days past due with any of those credit cards?
23. Do you have any student loans?
24. If yes, are they current or in deferment?
25. How long have you been with your current employer?
26. If less than 2 years, how long were you with the previous employer?
27. If less than 2 years, were there any gaps of employment between the current and previous jobs?
28. Were your job changes in the same line of work?
29. Are you an hourly or salaried employee?
30. What is your base hourly pay or base salary per year?
31. Do you receive any other income?
32. If yes, what is the source of that income?
33. Do you have any money for a down payment?
34. Where are you looking to keep your monthly mortgage payments?
35. Have you applied for a mortgage loan within the past 6 months?
36. Do you have a copy of your credit report?
37. Do you pay child support?
38. Do you have a 401k loan?
39. Is there any information I did not ask you about that you feel you should inform me about?
40. What 1 or 2 questions did you have in your mind before talking with me that you would like to ask me about?