Our Services

A lot of people think we are in the business of doing loans. We really don’t look at it that way. We are helping you create perhaps, the largest debt in your life. Therefore, we have a responsibility to help you professionally manage that debt. We see our primary role as helping our clients integrate the mortgage loan they select into their overall long and short term financial and investment goals and their payment and equity objectives. With that in mind, help us understand what is most important to you about acheiving your goals?

As part of our ongoing services. We would like to emphasize that our list of services really begins when we close on your loan.

Each month you receive for free our mortgage monitoring system, a monthly report designed to show you in full detail what’s happening with your mortgage versus what’s happening in the local market place from an interest rate perspective.

Quarterly we spend as much time as needed to ensure your overall credit profile is in tact.

Annually we reach out to you for an annual mortgage review, this ensures you are meeting your goals with ease and that the mortgage is still supporting your lifestyle.