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The housing and Florida home mortgage market continues to change on an almost daily basis. Our Florida home mortgage practice stays on top of the changes to insure that the mortgage solution we put together for you is indeed the best package available for you. In fact as Florida home mortgage planners our solutions are highly customized as there is no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to a Florida home mortgage.

Due to current market conditions, our practice has been in high demand. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work diligently to provide all clients with the expert solutions they have come to expect from our practice.

The expertise of your lender can either cost or save you thousands of dollars. I look forward to personally working with you, so please send me your name and contact information and I’ll gladly follow up with you. After all, the best rate on the wrong mortgage is still a bad deal.

Warm Regards,

Edgar DeJesus, NMLS#230414
Chairman, CEO & Certified Mortgage Planner

About Edgar DeJesus

Edgar DeJesus, a Husband first and foremost who shares his life with his loving wife Emily and their pet Charleston(chocolate American Cocker Spaniel). Fellow colleagues recognize him as one of the top mortgage planners in the Tampa Bay market and a fellow professional you can count on, his clients love him for being their trusted advisor. What keeps this hardworking mortgage planner going is his pure passion to deliver an extraordinary customer service experience. The question behind his motivation is simple - What differentiates him from every other real estate financing professional? He answers the question by saying: On every mortgage I provide for a client I treat it as if I were buying or building a home for my family, consolidating my debt, lowering my interest rate, or improving my own home. I deliver no less than I would expect if someone were providing me with a mortgage and most important their want & need is my want & need. He also says it is not just about providing mortgages, it’s about building life long lasting relationships. Some of his favorite hobbies are spending time with his family and friends, playing golf, dining at steakhouses, & fellowship with others. Satisfaction for Edgar DeJesus comes from not only closing loans but rather opening doors. Receiving referrals from clients is a great compliment he can receive and the greatest compliment is to have clients repeat their loan experience with him. A great demonstration that he does not over promise and under deliver.
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