Florida First Time Home Buyers Required Documentation


 Florida first time home buyers you’re on your way to becoming a first time home buyer. You’ve been pre approved, you’ve found your home and the contract is accepted and finalized. Some great advice is to have fast and easy access to  all of your documents so that when requested you can forward. Upfront documentation that you will need usually begins with your last months worth of paystubs, last 2 months worth of bank statements all pages front and back even if blank, your last 2 years w2’s along with full tax returns all schedules and pages, copies of drivers license and social security card.

Mortgage Lenders are dotting their i’s and crossing their t’s. Previously lenders would simply ask for w2’s. Times continue to change. Don’t be surprised if they request full tax returns, all schedules and begin to ask questions about unreimbursed employee expenses on a job you no longer have. These types of requests are becoming more common each and every day.

If you are just starting out as a Florida first time home buyer be sure to to explain as many details to your mortgage professional. The more you share the easier it will be for he or she to structure your loan package to obtain full loan approval. 

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